G100Z-NA Module w/o Adjuster Nordson H200 H202 276516 276517 276518 276520


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This is a module for our G100Z Swivel Series gun, without an adjuster. Replacement for Nordson® H200, H202, 276516, 276517, 276518, 276520. G100Z-NA Hot Melt Module Without Adjuster – Nordson h200, h202, 276516, 276517, 276518, 276520
Replacement for Nordson Zero Cavity Module.

See G100ZA Module with Adjuster.

The G100Z-NA hot melt applicator comes with the following nozzles:

G100Z-NA.008 G100Z-NA.016 (compare to Nordson Part # 276517) G100Z-NA.035
G100Z-NA.010 G100Z-NA.018 G100Z-NA.040
G100Z-NA.012 (compare to Nordson Part # 276516) G100Z-NA.020 (compare to Nordson Part # 276520) G100Z-NA.050
G100Z-NA.014 G100Z-NA.024 G100Z-NA.060

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